Friday, January 12, 2007

Morning Madness

For some reason, the Big Kids were wide awake and very chatty this morning at breakfast. Usually they grunt their way through the meal.

Big Brother made himself some egg and cheese sandwiches.

Middle Sister: "How do they know there aren't chickens in those eggs?"

Big Brother: "Because they scan them before they put them in the package."

Me: "Grandpa has found chickens in eggs more than once."

Kids: "REALLY?"

Me: "Yes. They used to have a chicken coop in their yard when he was growing up. It was his job to gather the eggs every day."

Middle Sister: "That's so MEAN! Taking a chicken's eggs...."

Big Brother: "I smell a future member of PETA here."

Middle Sister: "What's that?"

Big Brother: "People Eating Tasty Animals."

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